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On August 17, YouTube users could not stop talking about Fresh and Fit vs Aba and Preach, as the drama between the two channels ignited because of a comment made about Erich Preach’s wife.

Since both channels make different content, their feud came as a surprise to many. A day after the beef started, it does not look like things are getting back to normal any time soon. With both the YouTubers releasing a statement of their own, things seem to be heating up.

Aba and Preach’s YouTube channel often makes reaction videos, while Fresh and Fit’s page focuses mainly on female psychology and dating among other categories.

The drama between the two groups took place when Aba and Preach reacted to a video of Fresh and Fit opening up about their thoughts on prostitution.

Fresh and Fit thought Aba and Preach were having a go at them in the video, and decided to react to the same. The former explained how they worked harder than Abe and Preach and would be able to clock millions of views soon, despite starting their channel after them.

Meanwhile, Fresh and Fit also referred to Erich’s wife as “beluga whale” before inviting him for a boxing match.

After Fresh and Fit challenged Erich for a boxing match, he decided to accept it. In the video, the Abe and Preach YouTuber also expressed his thoughts on the comments made on his wife.

He said: “It sort of happens that I am in the US next week. You want to f**ing do this sh*t, let’s go. Both of you. I will be in the US next f**ing week. Not only this. You talk sh*t about my wife and you talk sh*t about my country. You saying you are about to send me on a boat to my country. Cool, next week, I will be in the States, I will drop by your studio.”

Following the drama, Fresh and Fit released an apology on their community page.

Their statement read: “WE APOLOGIZE TO OUR SUPPORTERS. From this point forward we are NOT going to engage in beef. We are here to help you guys navigate Women, Fitness, and Finances, NOT DRAMA. We are going to KEEP GIVING YOU GUYS THE CONTENT YOU SUBSCRIBED FOR.

“We apologize for deviating, but we are back on track. Men already get attacked enough in the space, and we are not going to contribute to it. Best of luck to A&P in their future endeavors.”

However, Abe and Preach seem unhappy about the apology and called out Fresh and Fit in another video claiming they had started the drama for attention. At the time of writing, Fresh and Fit have not replied to the latest post.

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